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Reels manufactured by Occ-Safety are warranted for a period of two years from the date of sale to original purchaser. If within such warranty period any such equipment is proved, to Occ-Safety's satisfaction, to be defective, Occ-Safety shall be liable for the repair or, at Occ-Safety's option, replacement when the product is returned, freight prepaid, to Occ-Safety's factory or an Occ-Safety service agent. Our obligation hereunder shall be confined to such repair or replacement. Occ-Safety assumes no responsibility for improper choice of models or where products are used in excess of rated capacities and design functions, or under abnormal conditions.

No Reels will be accepted for return without authorization by the factory, and a return authorization number assigned. Reels must be returned prepaid.

Call   (Telephone: 03 9460 4455)   and request a returned authorization number (RA #). Be prepared to give the following information: product model number, supplier, purchase invoice number and date of purchase. Once given an RA #, you must write it on all boxes and paperwork. Occ-Safety will not accept your return without an RA #. Upon receiving the return, we will determine if it is to be covered under warranty.

Warranty is void if the product or any part thereof has been tampered with, altered, or repaired by other than an authorized service agent.

Occ-Safety's responsibility ceases upon delivery to any common carrier, and we do not insure shipments beyond point of delivery to such carrier unless instructed. Any parts, components or accessories that are not manufactured by Occ-Safety and supplied by other manufacturers are subject to their respective warranties. Certain products will carry their own warranties.

We reserve the right to modify or alter materials, dimensions, design or construction, when necessary, to improve performance.


Occ-Safety does not manufacture any hose. All hose supplied by Occ-Safety is selected from reliable commercial Australian sources and is recommended for application on the basis of data provided by the manufacturer. Occ-Safety assumes no responsibility for any other application or use. Hose supplied by Occ-Safety carries the warranty as supplied by the manufacturer (90 days).

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