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   This is the perfect solution for those requiring a SUPER DURABLE Air Hose Reel.

   The AK Reels. RC2500 High Pressure Reinforced Retractable Airline does exactly as the name suggests. With a 40 ft (12m) high-pressure wire braided hose for air with a maximum working pressure of 2500 psi, this reel is perfect for many applications.

   Designed with gas/fuel stations in mind, you could run a truck over this line without effecting its performance. The ongoing service costs are reduced from having to replace the hose because of split or cut hoses. Once mounted the AK Airhose can follow the user with a 180o swivel action.

   Combine this with the latest design 'Positive Latching Mechanism', which automatically locks the hose to the desired length, you can place the AK Airhose in the best position for your workplace.

   The case is impact resistant polypropylene and is UV stabilised.

Polypropylene mounting bracket supplied.
40ft (12m ) of quality hose.
Swivel action follows user through 180.
Neat & tidy.
Quality hose fittings supplied.
Automatically locks hose to convenient length
Positive rewind action

Technical Specifications
Hose Length 40 ft (12m) Premium Hose
Hose Type Wire Braided
Working Pressure 2500 PSI
Hose I.D. 5/16" (8mm) Nominal
Inlet Size 3/8" BSP
Outlet Size 3/8" BSP
Hose Colour Black
Case Colour Black / Red
Unit Construction Materials Polypropylene Coploymer, Brass, Spring Steel, Acetal, Nylon
Please Note: Due to ongoing development, specifications are subject to change without notice.
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